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Empowering a culture of champions through the pursuit of excellence is our way of achieving success. Results come when the time is put in. Serious work ethic with serious fun.

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Fostering care, support and a team mindset while committing to your personal success.  

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 Providing you with the best coaches Orange County has to offer. Full-time, 100% dedicated coaches focused on getting you to your goals.

Take the next step to success.



A quick call for you to ask any and all questions about SoCal Weightlifting, as well as our opportunity to get to know you and your goals. Schedule this call HERE. Please note the scheduler will say Newport Strength.



A 30 minute session with a certified Weightlifting coach to see if SoCal Weightlifting is the best fit for you.



Work one-on-one with your certified Weightlifting coach to establish your technical foundation and improve your strength.



Complete a 45 minute screening assessment by our on-site Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Quinn Henoch to guide our programming.

SoCal Meeting


Sit down with your coach to program your first 6-week cycle to get you on the fast track to your goals.

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Train in the sport of Weightlifting on our hybrid memberships with the best coaches and community in SoCal!





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"The coaching staff is caring and professional. The size of the gym, coupled with the high volume of regular amateur and professional lifters, really impressed me. Everyone is genuinely friendly and doesn't carry the ego and aura you might expect from a group of hardcore lifters. The new and the injured are made to feel welcome, and everyone gets their own custom workout program designed around their specific and particular goals and limitations. It's cheaper than a CrossFit gym, and it's multidisciplinary. I would recommend this gym to anyone wanting to take the next step in their strength journey." - Ahmad E.

"I have mostly been doing CrossFit with periods of pure weightlifting for the past couple of years. I joined this weightlifting club a couple of months ago with my boyfriend and I can truly say that this gym has been such a great experience so far. The first time we lifted there was a little nerve-racking since it was a new gym and everyone looked so much stronger than me! But everyone cheered us on as we did our lifts and encouraged me even though we had just met! The coaches there are super easy to get a long with and definitely have a deep understanding of each lift.
The program itself is pretty challenging and I definitely feel like I'm getting stronger already. I look forward to improving my technique and getting stronger from here on out!
" - Adria S.

Before I joined SoCal Weightlifting Club, I was really into CrossFit but always loved the Olympic lifts sooo much more than gymnastics and stuff. I knew I wanted to make the switch over to solely Olympic Weightlifting so it didn't take me long to find SoCal Weightlifting Club online. Once I contacted Chris and Sarah, scheduled a free training session and checked out the gym I knew I found my new home. Working with Chris and the other coaches throughout the several months I've been with them has made all the difference. This gym truly cares about its members and treats them like family. Come check out SoCal WLC and see just how awesome it is! :)” - Maddie G.

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5 Start Review

"Well what can I not say about this place. I came over from CrossFit to weightlifting 7 months ago. From the first day I stepped in that door I was made to feel right at home. The coaches are amazing Chris, Kody, And Spencer I don’t know what I would do without them. The athletes at socal are some of the hardest workers and caring. In the time I have been here my technique has improved, and my strength has skyrocketed! I would of never thought I could do this. With their guidance I have managed to. I would recommend this gym to anyone who is looking to start weightlifting. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.” - Eric Z.

"Great gym for weightlifters. Met these guys in 2016 when they held an awesome meet. Staff knows what their doing, and coaching is fantastic. I knew when I moved to OC that I would join their gym! " - Eric P. 

I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 2 years. And I recently fell in love with the weightlifting aspect of it. I stumbled upon this gym and decided to stop by unexpectedly. The owner was a pleasure to talk to and I really appreciated the backstory of the gym. I signed up on the spot and they immediately invited me to a Halloween party that weekend. I went and had a great time, met a ton of awesome people, and immediately fell in love with the comradery. The coaches are very patient and very knowledgeable with multiple degrees to stand behind, which put my mind at ease knowing I was going to be learning from them. The people and the environment have definitely made me enjoy this sport immensely and I can’t recommend this place enough.” - Giovanni G.

I visited SoCal WL Club for a few days while I was in town. It’s an awesome gym with a great vibe. Very knowledgable coaches and a great team training atmosphere. Very welcoming group of people. 10/10 will return.” - Quinn E.

Fulfill the athlete in you.


Whether you are a youth, junior, senior or master weightlifter, with zero or a ton of weightlifting experience, we're here to get you to your next level. Unlike other gyms that throw you into group training, we connect you with a coach who will be with you every step of your training. Meeting regularly with your coach, while doing the majority of your training under the watchful eye of a group-training coach, allows us to track your progress closely without the price of personal training.

We offer:
3x/Week Training
4x/Week Training
5-6x/Week Training
Youth Training
Masters Training
Remote Programming
Open Gym

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