SoCal Newsletter

We hope the training is going well and you're having a great week.

Don't forget to save the following dates:

October 12th: SoCal Brunch
October 25th: Halloween Pong Championship
November 2nd: SPLWC Meet
November 9th: SoCal Strength Grand Re-Opening - We will be sending out details this week, please share and invite family and friends!
December 14th-15h: SoCal Winter Classic Meet

SoCal Brunch:

If you haven't yet, sign up for the pot luck on the sheet by the back office. We will start at about 12pm after everyone is done training. Try to come in a little earlier if you need to so we are all wrapped up by then.

With new members coming in, it is important that we all conduct ourselves in away that promotes unity in our club. The purpose of the brunch is to address some important topics about training, weightlifting, and protecting our culture here. There will also be valuable information about nutrition, recovery, and competition. Hope to see you there!

Sports Motivation Survey:

If you did not get the chance last week, take a minute to fill out this survey! Why do you show up to train every day? In a mentally tough sport like Weightlifting, you should address these kinds of questions and how it impacts your training. Stop by our blog to read more, and tell us what motivates you!

Take the Survey


This meet is sold out now, but we are in need of volunteers! Please sign up for a shift and support this event! It is a one-day meet, but we will be running two platforms.
November 2nd.

Volunteer Sign Up

SoCal Winter Classic Meet:

We hope our Winter Classic is on your radar now, because it will be here before you know it! Our meets do sell out, so talk to your coach about signing up - by the way you should ALWAYS consult your coach before registering to compete :)

**** Use code "KINGSTON" for discounted registration.

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Halloween Pong:

There will be a costume contest and $10 buy-in for the pong tournament, so figure out who your partner is! Winner takes all! See if you can take down last years champs...


Thanks for being really strong and really awesome,

- SoCal Staff